IN Ingredients understands the intricate role we play as your source for ingredients. Quality is at the heart of all of our science, innovation, and product development activities.

All incoming raw materials are qualified in our in-house laboratory equipped with the latest in analytical technology including, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Infrared (IR), . We also have ICP-MS for Heavy Metals analysis and standard as well as accelerated Microbial testing capabilities. IN Ingredients maintains comprehensive documentation on all of its raw materials and products manufactured.

We maintain comprehensive documentation on all of our raw materials and manufactured products. We are committed to effectively managing all the rigorous quality systems that drive our business, from raw materials and manufacturing to packaging and distribution.

IN_Ingredients_favicon_sml1.jpg Ingredients is committed to adhering the highest quality standards and has proudly been GMP compliant since 2008.


What is GMP?

The acronym GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices.” GMP’s are government mandated guidelines that lay out the fundamental do’s and don’ts for assuring the integrity of a finished product.

These are not simple standards. Nor are they inexpensive to implement, and certification is not easily come by.  GMP Certified labs must undergo regular inspection by state and federal health authorities as well as audits by independent clients.

IN Ingredients also offers custom blending solutions to simplify your buying needs.  We can take our proprietary ingredients and combine them with other ingredients so your purchasing team can manage less sku’s.  Please contact us to learn more about our customer blending solutions.

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Our Core Commitments

We commit to being witness to the glory of God in whatever we do (actions), in what we say (communication), and in how we relate (relationship and esteeming others), both within and external to Integrity Ingredients.

We commit to uphold the Biblical standard in all aspects of our business practices, including relationships, transactions, and research.

We commit to serve our customers and vendors with respect, integrity, and responsiveness.

We commit to continually pursue excellence in all facets of Integrity with structures and processes to support premium products and services.

We commit to serve our communities. a portion of our time and our earnings are dedicated to supporting efforts that glorify God in our local and global communities.