What is ArginineAAB ?

Arginine, a conditional non-essential amino acid, has in recent years become a mainstay for hard training athletes. 

A specific form of Arginine, namely arginine Alpha-Ketogluturate, has become a staple for those looking to enhance mass. Arginine alpha-amino-N-Butyrate (Arginine AAB®) binds the amino acid L-Arginine with an alpha amino-N-Butyrate in a 2:1 ratio. This particular compound serves as an amino acid derivative and may be modified into other amino acids as needed by the body.

IN_Ingredients_favicon_sml1.jpg How Does It Work?

Arginine helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and assists in recovery by supplying the body with both an amino and nitrogen source. *


Enhanced Nitric Oxide Output

Arginine is well known for enhancing Nitric Oxide (NO) output because it is the immediate precursor to NO release. It is the compound known to enhance the “pump” effect and has vasodilator properties.


Application and Serving Size

Arginine AAB® is appropriate in a product aimed at building lean body mass and may be useful during periods of calorie restriction. Arginine AAB® can be in a capsule, tablet or powder. The recommended serving size is 1,500 mg taken twice daily before meals and/or exercise.

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