IN Ingredients is a worldwide supplier of innovative and specialty nutraceutical ingredients including amino acids, creatine, sports nutrition supplements, joint health, glucose management and herbal extracts.

About IN-Ingredients

Who are we?

IN-Ingredients is dedicated to the principles of integrity, quality, dependability and customer satisfaction.

IN Ingredients, formerly Integrity Nutraceuticals, was founded by Tim Romero and Lloyd Slabach in 1999. The company was formed based on the premise of Integrity. The founders were and are committed to operating a business that would honor God while serving others. Adopting the Biblical principle of the “Golden Rule”, to treat others as you wish to be treated, our vision was to be a raw material supplier dedicated to integrity, quality, dependability and service. Gus Romero joined the team in 2002 to lead the sales and marketing efforts for the company. CFO, Dan Hershberger joined the ownership team in 2006 and Peter Miller in 2009.

In early 2009, after a successful number of years with Integrity Mr. Slabach retired from the business. CEO, Tim Romero decided to move the company into a manufacturing direction and leaned on industry expert Peter Miller to lead the cause. Mr. Miller, then Director of Research and Development became owner and Vice President of Sales and Innovation. Explosive growth and extensive systems implementation led all resources to the manufacturing venture. After evaluation of the business in mid-2013, the owners of Integrity decide it was best for two owners to devote their time to the ingredients division to further growth and capitalize on the IP portfolio that existed and continues to build. Tim Romero and Gus Romero were up for the challenge and so in September of 2013 they launched on an ingredients venture entitling it IN Ingredients. It’s the same vision and strategy with a new name and a facelift.

 All of our incoming raw materials are qualified in our in-house laboratory equipped with the latest in analytical technology. We maintain comprehensive documentation on all of our raw materials and manufactured products. We are committed to our rigorous quality assurance systems to provide you with the best possible products.

Our Commitments

    • We commit to being witness to the glory of God in whatever we do (actions), in what we say (communication), and in how we relate (relationship and esteeming others), both within and external to Integrity.
    • We commit to uphold the Biblical standard in all aspects of our business practices, including relationships, transactions, and research.
    • We commit to serve our customers and vendors with respect, integrity, and responsiveness.
    • We commit to continually pursue excellence in all facets of Integrity with structures and processes to support premium products and services.
    • We commit to serve our communities. A portion of our time and our earnings are dedicated to supporting efforts that glorify God in our local and global communities.


IN_Ingredients_favicon_sml1.jpg Focus

Integrity · 100%
Quality · 100%
Dependaility · 100%
Customer Satisfaction · 100%
Innovation · 100%

Focus On Commitment


Continued research allows our team to leverage science for innovation.


By focusing on quality we are always in a position of accountability to those we serve.


As an IN Ingredients customer you can always depend on a consistent effort from our entire team.

Customer Focus

By focusing on our customers and our core commitments we insure that our pledge of integrity is always a priority.